Threepress and Ibis Reader join Safari Books Online

by Liza Daly

I’m thrilled to announce that Safari Books Online has officially acquired Threepress Consulting and Ibis Reader. Keith, Chuck, Jonathan and I are joining Andrew Savikas and his team, with the same goal we’ve always had: to build great digital reading experiences.

Acquisition announcements can often strain credulity when explaining why the merger of company X and company Y makes sense. This one does not require any creative writing. Both companies have a mission to provide high-quality, cross-platform access to books in a model that benefits both readers and publishers. Safari provides us with an unparalleled reserve of content, sales team, marketing savvy, and publisher relationships. We’re bringing our focus on standards, accessibility, interactivity, and emerging technology. And both Keith and I have tremendous respect for Andrew and what he’s brought to digital publishing through his roles at O’Reilly, TOC, and now Safari Books Online.

The services and software that Threepress provides — this blog, the EPUB validator,, and others — will remain available for some time. If they do transition we’ll ensure that it’s smooth and non-disruptive.


When I started Threepress in 2008 I knew next to nothing about running a business. We would have had no success at all without kindness and support from many, many people (some of whom I have still yet to meet in person!) Our sincerest thanks to our clients, friends, and colleagues, most especially Adam, Brady, Brian, Colin, Dan, Elizabeth, Kat, Ned, Peter, Rupert, Tara, and Tom.

Announcement on the Safari blog